Current Project

As a final project for a class in Interactive Cartography and Geovisualization at the University of Wisconsin, I worked with a couple of classmates to create an interactive blog post for the International Crane Foundation. We used a mixture of Leaflet and D3 for the project.

Check out the blog post.

Image of interactive map
Projects & Portfolio
Crane Species Range Maps

The international Crane Foundation recently completed work on new range maps for the world's fifteen species of cranes for the IUCN SSC Crane Specialist Group. I helped compile the general range information from researchers around the world to create broad scale range maps.

Tools: Avenza MAPublisher, Adobe Illustrator, ArcMap

Whooping Crane Tracking Map

The Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership is reintroducing Whooping Cranes toe the eastern flyway of the United States. I created this simple map wo help supporters track the cranes through the year. The map performs a database call to the research database to update the map at least once per day.

Tools: PostgreSQL, PostGIS, MapBox API, Node.js

Wisconsin Wetlands Storymap

Working with the communications team at the International Crane Foundation, we created a Story Map to highlight the value of wetlands in Wisconsin, especially for cranes. This is a great example of the simple ways maps are be used to enhance a broader story that might not employ a "fancy" GIS teools.

Tools: ESRI Storymaps

Topographic Map - Example

In a cartography course, we were tasked with creating a topographic map for an imagined 1000 km bicycle race. To create them map, we combined raster elevation data and vector layers combined in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create the final project.

Tools: ArcMap, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Avenza MAPublisher, Avenza Geographic Imager

This is for a class project only, and not for official use.

Long Form Infographic - Example

We were asked to make a long form infographic as part of a cartography course. I created one for using Midwest Crane Count data to talk about the relationship between cranes and the landscapes where they breed.

Tools: ArcMap, Adobe Illustrator

This is for a class project only, and not for official use.