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Using Maps to Make Wildlife Managements Decsisions in Africa

Green Space Supports Conservation

We’re really excited to talk about our most recent project to support conservation and sustainability in Mozambique. We’re working with Dr. Rich Beilfuss, a researcher for World Wildlife Fund for Nature – Mozambique, to help produce management plan maps in the Zambezi Delta.

The management plan and out maps will help layout a vision for the long term future of the region and provide a sound basis for future activities.

In addition to the management plans, we may also be able to help produce several maps highlighting wildlife survey efforts to be performed this May.

Check back for updates and some samples of the maps as they come available.

The Power of Simple Maps

Web based mapping has turned into a big deal these days. ESRI has released their new GIS Server technology that moves beyond simple GIS functions to actually allow the developer to make it possible for visitors to run custom spatial analysis functions on the fly. This is pretty exciting stuff to us GIS geeks but for most folks, it’s a capacity that isn’t necessary to get their point across.

Google Earth/Maps and other great tools (e.g. UMapper, Yahoo Maps, and GeoServer) are bringing some pretty exciting mapping and spatial analysis tools to broader audiences every day. This is an exciting trend; the making of geography into something so commonplace, we barely think twice about it.

We’ve seen trends like this before. Before computers and computer based printing were commonplace, articles and reports were, frankly, pretty boring (even before you got to the reading part). There just weren’t a lot of option besides the litteral cut and paste. Now that anyone can insert a graph or image, use spot and full color, add captions and customize the wrap of the paragraph text, we have some pretty high standards for professional products. Professional graphic designers can really show their worth today.

In effect, having all the right tools doesn’t make you an artist.

We’re seeing the same thing in the mapping world. Great maps are a craft; an art form. They require someone who understands the art, technology and science.

At Green Space, we like to see ourselves as cartographic craftsmen

Updating a Website to Conserve Siberian Cranes

The Siberian Crane Flyway Conservation Program asked Green Space to help renovate their website and find new ways to reach their partners around the world. We not only redesigned the website but after working with the website editor, we structured the content management system to be easy to use and update without expensive software.

Further, we are streamlining the way updates reach partners. Technologies change so rapidly that it’s hard for busy individuals to keep up. We’re here to help and were able to help our clients make sense of it all without breaking the budget.

GIS Software for Non-Profits in USA

ESRI has teamed with TechSoup Stock to make its ArcView geographic information system (GIS) software available to U.S. nonprofits and public libraries. Included with ArcView are an eight-module online training course and two textbooks.

ESRI has also made available two extensions to ArcView: ArcGIS 3D Analyst and ArcGIS Spatial Analyst. Each of these extensions is accompanied by an online training course of 18 to 21 hours.

Although these tools require a fair amount of familiarity with technology, databases, and geographic concepts; many organizations are working on ways to leverage these tools to make their organizations more effective.

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