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Volunteering GIS Data Management Services

Green Space GIS is proud to provide volunteer data management support for Skytruth, a non-profit organization that promotes environmental awareness and protection with geo-spatial technology. Green Space GIS is working closely with Skytruth in it’s responsee to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  We help collect and archive GIS data as it is released from government sources.  These data are vital to help them correlate official estimates of the spatial extent and volume of oil that is being released into the gulf.


Wildlife Survey Maps Help Manage Critical Habitat in the Zambezi Delta

Green Space GIS worked closely with Dr. Rich Beilfuss and researchers in Mozambique to produce a series of maps showing the distribution and density of species in the Zambezi river delta, in central Mozambique.  The aerial wildlife surveys were conducted in May 2009 and November 2008 by Dr. Belifuss under a contract to support WWF-Mozambique.  These surveys yielded a wealth of data about both game species and endangered and threatened species that live in the delta.


Who We Are

Green Space GIS has over a decade of experience helping organizations use the power of maps and technology to communicate their missions and make decisions critical to their organizations. Whether your project calls for basic maps and outreach materials, spatial database design and data collection, or detailed strategic conservation planning, our team of experts can help.

Green Space GIS uses maps to support environmental, societal, and economic sustainability. We bring expertise in community resiliency, strategic conservation planning, cartographic communications and community participation to projects and clients of all sizes. Our goal is to bring communities together to make better decisions about their future.

We’re here to make the technology easy so you can focus on making a difference.